Where To Buy Turntable Needles

There are a number of great online stores from which you can buy turntable needles.

Knowing where to buy turntable needles will save you a lot of hassle. Vinyl lovers may enjoy shopping offline for some things, particularly vinyl itself, but if you want to buy turntable needles then you will need to go online. Due to their size and ease of use, there are a few fantastic sites that provide a huge range of turntable needles.

Where To Buy Turntable Needles in North America

Needle Doctor is an excellent resource for all people in the USA or neighbouring countries. They have an enormous range of needles, cartridges, preamps, amps and all other accessories related to playing vinyl or DJing. Customer service is excellent and shipping is prompt. The folks there are a friendly bunch who will happily respond to your email or phone call if you need help working out which cartridge or stylus is the right one for your turntable/tonearm. Based out of Minnesota, they are just about the biggest in turntable accessory sales on the web. Their knowledgeable staff have helped many people, from beginners to enthusiasts, create great setups that will last a long time.

where to buy turntable needles
A site decidedly geared towards the audiophile is Audio Advisor. They stock everything from turntables to headphones to audiophile furniture, such as cabinets and frames designed for good acoustics. Whilst they may not have the breadth of range that Needle Doctor offers, their customer service is definitely on par. If your inclinations are higher end, Audio Advisor likely has the thing you’re looking for.

Where To Buy Turntable Needles in Australia

In Australia, LP Gear is the frontrunner in ecommerce turntable accessories. LP Gear has a massive variety of cartridges and styli, edging out Needle Doctor for variety in this particular category (Needle Doctor has more accessories of other kinds, though). For a lot of their more expensive equipment, such as turntables themselves, they offer very cheap or free postage from the USA. This has resulted in a lot of people in Australia wanting to buy turntable needles from LP gear since their range is excellent.

Either option will serve you well. There are plenty of other great small dealers that you can buy turntable needles from, but Needle Doctor and LP Gear have the edge based on experience of staff and shipping time.

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