Best Turntables

Find out the best turntables, whether new or vintage. Includes information on turntable setup, DJing and vinyl record collecting.

If you are trying to find the best turntable for your needs, look no further than Best Turntables.

Our goal is to help you find the turntable that is right for you. There are a plethora of options out there, and an intimidating amount of information for beginners.

Vinyl has always been cool. Many forms of media playback have come and gone since vinyl’s humble beginnings. The casette tape, the compact disk, and the mp3 have all followed, but none inspire such passion as the vinyl record. If you have reached this site, chances are that passion has been sparked. If you are like us, that passion has become an obsession.

A turntable is, in many people’s opinion, the best option for audio quality. There is no doubt that playing records takes more effort than plugging in the mp3 player and pressing play, but the results are worth it. We cover all aspects of maintaining your collection, including how to clean records and how to store records to prevent damaging them.

The turntable is much like any piece of equipment, in that what may initially seem like a simple device becomes more complicated the more you research it. We specialise in providing objective ratings of all the equipment you will need to become a vinyl enthusiast, audiophile or DJ. As with any community (and make no mistake, it is a strong community), there is sometimes conflicting advice. The recommendations on this site are the best turntables available, so chances are if you cannot find it, it is not worth having!