Pro-ject Turntables

Pro-ject Turntables are a company currently manufacturing turntables that have been around since the 1990s. Their factory is based in the Czech Republic, but Pro-ject Audio Systems are actually an Austrian company. Heinz Lichtenegger, boasting an appropriately Austrian name, noted that audio companies were shifting away from analogue technology in the late 1980s.As the move to CD got further underway there was less competition in the analogue market, and the price of turntables rose. Lichtenegger was either a vinyl devotee, or a shrewd businessman; most probably both seeing as he saw (or experienced himself) the reluctance in some people not wanting to move to the new format which lacked character and warmth of sound. His subsequent Pro-ject turntables established his company as the powerhouse it is now in the audiophile market.

Pro-ject turntables are fully manual turntables that are constructed well. They have managed to marry quality with affordability and create a healthy level of competition in the new audiophile turntable market. Pro-ject turntables are cleverly designed and sleek. Conveniently, the best turntables are usually the ones with the simplest designs, which is both a both a badge of honour and a cost saver for Pro-ject turntables. With a range of options for beginners to vinyl to the most hardcore audiophile, Pro-ject turntables have cemented themselves in the growing market of vinyl. They now produce the most turntables of any company in the world, and Pro-ject turntables are widely available and able to be purchased in all corners of the world.

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