Sony Turntables

Sony turntables are a little known brand, in terms of vintage turntables. Like vintage Denons and Duals, Sony turntables are often found for affordable prices on the second hand market.

Originally, Sony produced belt drive turntables that were fairly sub par. Their shift to direct drive turntables improved their fortunes greatly, and their turntables were wells old and regarded at the time. With the reasonable amount of xenophobia present in the US and UK audio review industry at the time, they were not looked particularly favourably on at the time due to their Japanese direct drive nature.

Many old Sony turntables have a classical look to them, with wood plinths with a lovely finish. Others appear to look cheap and plastic, but looks can be deceiving. They are made of a compound much heavier than plastic that is sonically superior. Sony turntables often have a very ‘Japanese’ look to them, for lack of a better word. At the time of production they surely would have looked futuristic, but the look of many Sony turntables may be a turn off. When one’s intent is to induce envy in one’s guests, having a turntable that looks ordinary but sounds great will satisfy only half of a budding turntable owner’s desires.

Vintage Sony Turntables To Look Out For

Sony PS-X2/5/6/7/9. The Sony PS-X7 comes with a carbon fibre tonearm, which is excellent. These turntables actually look deceptively terrible, and a turntable hunter could easily write them off as plastic junk. They run beautifully, however. They sold in large numbers, and are not particularly popular, and therefore present good options for people looking for their first turntable.

Sony PS-x40/50/60/70. Higher numbers mean better tables. These turntables are all part of Sony’s mid-range, but are nonetheless very solid tables. They were also well sold and there should be many found second hand.

Sony PX-X500/600/700/800/555ES. Later models, though quite similar in design to their predecessors with fewer zeroes on the end of their model numbers.

The Sony TTS-3000 and TTS-4000 are earlier model Sony turntables that are both belt driven, and are a couple of their only good belt drive turntables. They were intended as audiophile Sony turntables back then, and are rare finds nowadays.

New Sony Turntables

Modern day Sony Turntables include the…


Sony PS-LX300USB

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