Turntable Setup

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Turntable setup must be done correctly to maximise the performance of your system. A poorly calibrated system will leave a listener feeling like something is missing, which does not make for an enjoyable listening experience.

The problem is that it is intimidating, especially for a first time turntable owner, to go and fiddle about with their setup. Cartridges and styli look (and are) fragile, instruction manuals can be difficult to read, and the jargon used in internet forums is hard to decipher.

Let Us Guide You Through The Basics of Turntable Setup

The basics include setting the position of the arm and cartridge, and are absolute must dos. If you do not want to learn how to do these tasks, then consider taking your turntable to your local hifi shop or turntable expert. The tutorials in this section will provide you with the basic knowledge required to perform basic turntable setup.

Taking Turntable Setup to the Next Level

One of the best things about the turntable and hifi hobby is that there is always another modification to make to squeeze the most out of your system. This can also be one of the most frustrating things about the hobby! Articles within this section will describe cheap and easy ways to get that little bit extra out of your system. You’ll be surprised as to what is possible with stuff you can buy from the hardware store or supermarket.

Turntable setup can be fun, and need not be intimidating. The first time anyone handles a vinyl record, they carry it like a newborn baby. They soon learn that whilst fragile, it need not be handled with such extreme caution, and the same can be said for setting up a turntable. Whilst turntable setup will initially feel clumsy and awkward, with practice it becomes a walk in the park.

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