Audio 2 DJ

Audio 2 DJ - a requirement for any digital DJ looking for cheap yet highly effective USB soundcard.

The Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ is a compact, 2 channel USB sound card that will help bring your DJ sets to life. Intended as an entry level USB soundcard, the Audio 2 DJ is an excellent buy for digital DJs.

Audio 2 DJ provides digital DJs with the basic tools for making a club bounce

Audio 2 DJ works in combination with Traktor, or other digital DJ software. Audio 2 DJ contains two separate outputs; one for your main output and one for your headphones, or alternatively two channels can be put through a DJ mixer. Native Instruments have done a fantastic job ensuring the latency between input and output is nice and low, so your tunes will come straight out of your laptop and in to the club. The technology behind the Audio 2 DJ is very similar to the technology behind its brothers, the Audio 4 DJ and Audio 8 DJ. In fact, it delivers the same volume and fidelity as the more expensive Audio 4 and 8, which are the choices of many highly regarded DJs worldwide. The Audio 2 DJ contains 24bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic converters and output amplifiers that pump out a +9.7dB audio signal

Audio 2 DJ proves size doesn’t matter

One of the most impressive things about the Audio 2 DJ is its size: 90 x 58 x 24 mm. It plugs straight in to a laptop’s USB port, and combined with its ability to fit in to your pocket makes it the ultimate in convenience. The overall picture of the Audio 2 DJ is that it is a minimalist’s USB sound card. The 2 outputs and volume wheels may turn some who are looking for more bells and whistles away, but the Audio 2 DJ does exactly what it claims to: provide excellent sound quality for minimal cost.

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