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Cheap DJ packages are a great option for people wanting to have a try at DJing but don't know where to start.

Buying cheap DJ packages is an attractive option to many budding DJs. The convenience of having two turntables and a mixer arrive all together ready to go sure beats the fiddling involved in setting up a home DJ system yourself. Most cheap DJ packages also come with headphones, so you will have everything you need to begin DJing.

Buy Cheap DJ Packages Online

Buying online is a cheap and easy way to purchase cheap DJ packages. As with many ‘scene’ things, like surfing and skating, going in to brick and mortar stores and dealing with the people there can be frustrating since the employees tend to be a little heavy on the “yeah man” and a little light on knowledge and customer service.

The Numark Beginner Dj Turntable Package is a great option for all around convenience for getting started spinning vinyl. Contained in the box are two Numark TT-1550s. These turntables will do the trick for a couple of years, and make great turntables for beginners looking to see if DJing is for them. What they aren’t are turntables well-suited to turntablism (i.e. scratching), so if that interests you, steer clear. What they will let you do is play beautiful vinyl (not just ’emulate’ it) with decent sound quality – perfect for practising at home to get your skills up before looking for gigs. The mixer included is the DM-950, which includes inputs for both turntables, gain control, crossfader and a microphone input. That is bare basic functionality, but that’s what we’re looking at here, right? A way to learn the basics of DJing. Of all the cheap DJ packages, this one is the cheapest so if you’re looking for decent quality on the cheap, make sure you check out this package.

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 Cheap DJ Packages for CD DJs

Some people want to begin DJing by using CDs, which might be the case if you already have a CD collection and don’t really want to buy lots of vinyl. One of the better cheap DJ packages for CDJs is the Numark CD DJ In A Box Complete DJ System. As with the related vinyl turntable package, the Numark CDJ package comes with two NDX200 CD players and a 2 channel M1A mixer. They can play CD-Rs too which is handy. These CDJs will suit you well for learning how to DJ using CDs.

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There you have it: two ideal options for learning how to DJ. Although some elitists will demand you pay for more expensive equipment, cheap DJ packages are a great option for people wanting to have a go at DJing for the first time.

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