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Technics 1200

Sunday, October 30th, 2011:

The Technics 1200 is one of the most famous turntables of all time. Find out why it has such an excellent reputation amongst DJs and audiophiles alike. Read More →

Audio 2 DJ

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011:

Audio 2 DJ - a requirement for any digital DJ looking for cheap yet highly effective USB soundcard. Read More →

Pro-ject Essential Turntable Review

Saturday, October 15th, 2011:

The Pro-ject Essential must be frustrating for Pro-ject’s competitors. Just when they thought entry level had been defined by the Debut III, Pro-ject go even cheaper. That’s what happens when you sell the most turntables in the world, I suppose. More and more new designs of Pro-ject turntables are coming out each year, much to the benefit of vinyl lovers. The Pro-ject essential is another great turntable for the price, but have Pro-ject made it too affordable at the expense of quality? Significantly cheaper than the Pro-ject Debut III, the Essential has fewer bells and whistles. Like the Debut III, […] Read More →

Pro-ject Debut III Turntable Review

Thursday, October 13th, 2011:

The Pro-ject Debut III is one of the leaders in the entry level audiophile market. Contrary to the notion that vinyl is for old people, the Pro-ject Debut III is obviously aimed at the younger market. Like its competitor the Rega P1, the Pro-ject Debut III comes in a variety of funky colours that will appeal to those who love sleek looking audio equipment. Vintage turntables mounted on wooden plinths could probably be accused of looking a little clunky at times. There is none of that with the Pro-ject Debut III: this turntable looks absolutely fantastic. The build quality of […] Read More →

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