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Who Buys Vinyl Records?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012:

Many people are wondering, who buys vinyl records? Most people asking the question have their turntable safely tucked away, have given it away or sold it. When CDs came out in the 80s, they were touted as the next big thing technologically and everyone moved on. Market share of vinyl dropped steadily, and in the late 90s and early 2000s it was next to nothing. So who buys vinyl records these days, and why? The Young Person Who Buys Vinyl Records These people who haven’t even seen a vinyl record since the 80s are wondering who buys vinyl records because […] Read More →

Grado Black Cartridge Review

Thursday, January 12th, 2012:

The Grado Black Cartridge is a cheap little cartridge that serves as Grado’s entry point to their colour cartridge range. Made in the USA, the Grado Black is a great option for people wanting a low budget cartridge with warm sound. The Sound of a Grado Black Grado cartridges are renowned for their wonderful midrange and excellent representation of vocals. If vocal heavy jazz is up your alley, a Grado Black may be the best entry level cartridge available to you. This cartridge is a little warmer than Shure’s range which is another bonus for classical, jazz and pop listeners. […] Read More →

P Mount Cartridges – What To Do?

Saturday, January 7th, 2012:

P mount cartridges, otherwise known as T4P cartridges, were designed for ease of use and simplicity, a goal which was achieved. Changing cartridges on a standard mount tonearm can be a laborious process depending on the cartridge. The P mount system sought to eliminate this by presetting the tonearm tracking weight and antiskate at the factory and having the cartridges standardised to fit the specifications of the tonearm. Mounting P mount cartridges P mount cartridges insert in to the tonearm using four terminals and are secured by one screw. This is opposed to standard (1/2 inch) mount cartridges which connect […] Read More →

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